Business Cards and the Future of Networking


Traditionally we are used to handing out business cards at networking events, trade shows, or in meetings with clients as a way to connect them at a later date and time. But with everything that's been happening in the world, you might be starting to wonder if business cards will continue to be relevant a few years from now.

It almost feels as if everything in the world has gone digital. Nowadays, with smartphones and new social media platforms, businesses are being challenged to rethink business cards' appearance and function.

The question is, are business cards still relevant and useful?

We definitely think they are! Even though mobile phones have been around since the seventies, and smartphones have been around since the nineties, business cards have still found a way to stay relevant and play an essential role in the business world.

While it's really simple to just save someone's phone directly on your smartphone, we are all still giving out and receiving business cards. Marketing experts and businesses across different industries understand that business cards act as an extension of their company. They are not only a way to share contact information; they represent your business persona as well as your brand.

If you want to harness the marketing value of using business cards, it's important you chose a design to help you stand out. Based on our years of experience designing and printing business cards, these are three major design decisions, we think you should consider.

Size/ Material

How many business cards have you received at an event? Sometimes you end up with more than you can count, making it difficult to remember which business card belongs to who. Many people have chosen to leave behind the standard business card design and create cards made from different materials in various sizes to stand out. Plastic, edible, extra thick, and even wooden business cards are becoming increasingly more popular. Some companies have even created toys and small tools that people can use at work or at home! If you would like to see more unique designs ideas, click here.


There is no excuse for not featuring a high-quality logo on a business card. If a business card features pixelated images or does not account for bleed (a small margin that printer's work within), your business will convey the wrong message. Just as a high-quality business card design that stands out can say a lot about your company and its values, a low-quality business card can also speak volumes!  When designing your next business card, make sure that you use good images and logos! This will keep your business card in the hands of a 'decision maker' instead of a trash can. 


Most business cards contain a person's job title, contact information, and company name. Although these details are essential, many businesses choose to showcase this information in a unique way through images, fun fonts, and interactive designs. Companies are also choosing to include their mission statements or company quotes on their business card to help further people connect on a greater level. 

Business cards are no longer just a way to share contact information; they are a way to catch attention! If your business card looks old and dated, it's time to take a look at changing the design and information. For more tips and information, contact us

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